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President Trump's travel ban Read the full article President Trump’s Travel Ban is Upheld by The Supreme Court Aug-09-2017

President Trump’s Travel Ban Last month, The Supreme Court allowed President Trump’s travel ban to stand. The ban will hold [...]

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express deportation Read the full article Express Deportation: The New Norm In Immigration Cases Jul-21-2017

The 2016 presidential election was one of the most divisive in history. We saw candidates fight on a number of topics such as taxes, [...]

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new york immigration courts Read the full article New York Immigration Courts Are Bursting at the Seams Jul-14-2017

Every time you turn on the news these days, there are more and more stories about immigration. President Trump and his administration [...]

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immigration work permit Read the full article How Can an Attorney Help You Get an Immigration Work Permit Jul-07-2017

For an immigrant to apply for a job in the United States, they need one of three things. Those three things are a work visa, a green [...]

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ead card Read the full article How an EAD Card Can Help You Get a Job in the United States Jun-14-2017

Coming to the USA to Live There are millions of people living in the United States who were not born here. All of these people live in [...]

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immigration arrests Read the full article Immigration Arrests Are on the Rise and Show No Sign of Slowing Jun-07-2017

Immigration arrests are on the rise while arrests for other offenses such as drugs and guns are decreasing. A recent Pew Research [...]

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new york work permit lawyer Read the full article Are You in Need of a New York Work Permit Lawyer? May-21-2017

Everyone wants to be able to work. Holding a job earns people money, allowing them to live their lives without having to over-worry [...]

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Read the full article Susan Henner Honored as Recipient of NYC Mayoral Service Award May-04-2017

We are proud to see Susan Henner as a recipient of the 2017 NYC Mayoral Service Award. Marking the end of National Volunteer Month, The [...]

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Immigration Cases in New York City Read the full article More Immigration Judges Sent to Speed up New York Deportation Apr-14-2017

The backlog of immigration cases in New York City will get help from visiting judges. Under the Trump Administration, the Department of [...]

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