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Deportation Defense Cases. What You Need to Know

deportation defense cases

Deportation Defense Cases. What You Need to Know

Have you have received a Notice to Appear from the Department of Homeland Security alleging that you are removable from the U.S.?  Do not assume for one second that the situation is hopeless. A summons to immigration court means you will have your chance to have your case examined before a judge. Susan B. Henner understands and knows that the deportation of a family member is very taxing on the family. Susan B. Henner is experienced in dealing with individuals where an individual does not want or is afraid, to return to their home country. She helps her clients stay in the United States legally, usually avoiding removal entirely. We’ll look at the things that you need to know for deportation defense cases.

What Is Deportation?

Deportation is when the government on the federal level removes an alien from the U.S. This happens when the alien is in violation of anyone of the numerous immigration laws. Following the deportation of the foreigner, that person may lose the right to return to the United States.  Deportation and removal is a legal proceeding. An alien who goes through this procedure has legal rights prior to removal. The alien has the right to fight the removal. The alien has the right to challenge the removal on constitutional grounds.

Reasons for Deportation

The United States Immigration and Nationality Act has numerous reasons why a non-citizen may be deported. Here are some reasons why an individual would be deported from the United States.

  • Involvement in Criminal Activity.
  • Entering the United States Illegally.
  • Being Apart of a Controversial Organization.
  • Denials of Immigration Applications.
  • Violating United States Immigration Status.

Furthermore, these immigration cases involve technical procedures. The government does not need to provide you with a lawyer to defend your case. However, you can have a lawyer help you with your case. Consequently, that lawyer can represent you as well. Whether or not you’re a documented or undocumented immigrant, you can still be removed from the country.

Deportation Defense Cases: Examine Your Case

When it comes to deportation defense cases, you need to review your case. Don’t agree to sign any documents consenting to your removal. Before you submit to any criminal immigration charge brought against you, get a lawyer. You need the advice of an expert. Immigration laws in the United States are always changing. As a result, you will need the support of an immigration lawyer. However you can’t just hire any attorney, you need one that takes in deportation defense cases. You need an immigration lawyer that’s going to help you through the process. A lawyer will help you understand the law and the rights that you have within the law.

Methods for Stopping Deportation

Here are some of the methods that are used to prevent removal and deportation.

  •   Cancellation of Removal: Cancellation of Removal is a method of immigration relief for those in removal proceedings.
  • Adjustment of Status: A process that allows an individual that’s eligible to become a legitimate member of the U.S.
  • Political Asylum: Asylum is given to those fleeing their country for political or safety reasons.
  • Withholding of Removal: A unique type of order from an immigration judge to a person who shows more than a fifty percent chance that they will be oppressed in their native country account of their ethnicity, religion, nationality, membership in a specific social group, or political stance.

These are all methods that can stop your deportation. Keep in mind that simply being eligible to apply for deportation relief is not all there is. Furthermore, it does not mean that you will be granted relief.

Getting an Attorney Is in Your Best Interest

Getting an attorney that has experience in deportation defense cases is in your best interest. No one can guarantee a particular result. Moreover, there are many factors that the immigration judge considers. Therefore having a skilled lawyer is crucial. Susan B. Henner is a well seasoned knowledgeable attorney. Also, Susan B. Henner will be able to help you through the difficult process. The deportation and removal process is serious business. Moreover, you want to make sure you’re in good hands. Lastly get into contact with Susan B. Henner today and let her take your case. You can call her at 1-888-733-0141. You can reach her email at Susan@sbhenner.com, and lastly on her website.

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