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Deportation and Removal

With the ever-increasing and tighter restrictions on undocumented immigrants in the United States, it is more important than ever to secure valid immigration documents to allow you to remain in the country. If you have been issued a Notice to Appear in Immigration Court, or if you are arrested by US Immigration and Customs Enforcement, you need the assistance of an experienced Immigration Attorney immediately. If you are arrested on a criminal matter and you are an undocumented alien or if you have had a previous Order of Removal issued by an Immigration Judge you are also in need of an experienced Immigration Attorney at once.
As a bilingual immigration attorney, Susan B. Henner has assisted thousands of people to avoid removal and deportation. She and her staff speak Spanish, Polish, Romanian, and Italian, and address each situation individually, based upon the unique circumstances of the client. Ms. Henner understands that the removal or deportation of a family member is extremely stressful, and detrimental to the entire family. She is well-versed in handling situations where an individual does not wish, or is scared, to return to their native country. She often helps clients remain in the United States legally, often avoiding removal entirely.

Some of the reasons an individual may be removed from the United States include:


  • Specific involvement in criminal activity
  • Violation of US Immigration Status
  • Illegally entering the United States
  • Being a member of a controversial organization
  • Asylum application denials or referrals
  • Previous denials of immigration applications



Because these cases involve administrative procedures, the Government is under no obligation to provide a lawyer to help defend your situation, although you are entitled to have an attorney assist you with your case and represent you. It does not matter if you are a documented or undocumented immigrant, you may still be removed from the country (unless you are a U.S. citizen).

Before you agree to sign any document agreeing to your removal, and before you plead to any immigration or criminal charges that are brought against you, you need the advice of an Immigration attorney. The Immigration laws are constantly changing, and unless you are aware of any new laws, you will need the assistance of an Immigration Attorney who can guide you through the process, and help you understand the law and your rights within those laws.

Some of the methods that may be used to stop your deportation are Cancellation of Removal, Adjustment of Status, Political Asylum, Withholding of Removal, Special Immigration Juvenile Status, U Visas, and certain Waivers. Remember that simply being eligible to apply for deportation relief, does not necessary imply that you will be granted such relief. Oftentimes, relief is discretionary and left to the Immigration Judge’s decision as to whether or not to grant relief. No one can guarantee a particular result. Many factors are considered and taken into account by the Immigration Judge. Having a competent lawyer is key.

An experienced and knowledgeable Immigration Attorney such as Ms. Henner will be able to guide you through the complex process and procedures involved in the Removal or Deportation process. Contact her today at 1-888-733-0141 or (914) 358-5200, by email at Susan@sbhenner.com, or use the contact form HERE on her website.