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Read the full article Susan B. Henner Speaks at the Consulate General of Italy Dec-06-2022

On Tuesday, November 15, 2022, Susan B. Henner of the Henner Law Group, P.C. was invited to speak on a panel at the Consulate General [...]

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order of removal Read the full article Henner Law Group, P. C. Successfully Defends Client in Removal Proceedings Sep-18-2022

Henner Law Group, P.C., successfully defended a client in removal proceedings and the client was granted Cancellation of Removal. Our [...]

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Read the full article Top 3 Misconceptions People Have About Coming to the United States Jun-01-2022

When people are coming to the United States, there is a lot of misinformation that often leads to frustration and miscommunication [...]

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Read the full article Top 3 Mistakes People Make When Applying for a U.S. Visa Mar-30-2022

When people begin the process of applying to legally travel or immigrate to live in the United States, there are many types of [...]

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Read the full article Top 3 Things Employers Need to Keep in Mind When Sponsoring Workers for Residency from Abroad Feb-08-2022

Time is Not on Your Side Employers who are hiring workers from abroad need to know that these days, cases are taking longer than usual. [...]

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Obtain Immigration Bond Read the full article How to Obtain an Immigration Bond For Someone Who is Detained Under the Current Law Jun-15-2020

The law allows for the release on bond for all immigrants except those subject to mandatory detention as criminals or terrorists or [...]

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Immigration Policy Changes: Catch and Release Read the full article How the Coronavirus Is Disrupting USCIS Processing of Immigration Applications Apr-06-2020

The coronavirus outbreak has significantly disrupted the operations of government agencies around the country, including U.S. [...]

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O-1 Visa Read the full article Do I Qualify For an O-1 Visa? Jun-18-2019

The United States has a non-immigrant temporary work program that welcomes specific individuals into the country. It’s called the [...]

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Renew Your Green Card Read the full article How To Renew Your Green Card May-28-2019

It’s important to remember that your green card must be renewed every ten years. You should start completing the renewal steps as [...]

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Citizenship Application is Denied Read the full article 5 Reasons Your Citizenship Application Can Be Denied Apr-22-2019

There are few things that are more important to immigrants than earning their U.S. citizenship. Becoming a legal citizen offers many [...]

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