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Syrian Immigration to the US Since 2011

Syrian Immigration to the US

Syrian Immigration to the US Since 2011

Syrians have been forced out of their homes since the start of the Syrian Civil War in 2011. Families have been torn apart and countless lives lost. Millions of Syrians continue to flee the chaos. Many made their way to Europe, but some made it to the US. Syrian immigration to the US has changed since 2011, but how? Which states and cities welcome the most Syrian refugees? Do these refugees need to go to court once they arrive in the US to prove their legitimate refugee status? We’ll answer these questions to give you a better understanding of what Syrian immigration to the US looks like.

How Has Syrian Immigration to the US Changed Since 2011?

As of 2016, there are an estimated 5 million Syrian refugees living outside Syria. Syria’s population prewar was about 22 million. The vast majority of Syrian refugees migrated to other Middle Eastern countries and Europe. The US let in 23 refugees in 2011. According to the Office of Refugee Resettlement, the US let in 35 in 2012, and 48 in 2013. The number jumped slightly 132 in 2014. In 2015 the number jumped up to 1,930. The biggest jump came in 2016 when 16,370 arrived. As of the first quarter of 2017, 3,566 refugees have arrived. It’s unclear what will happen in 2000, because of the shift in immigration policy.

As you can see Syrian immigration to the US has steadily increased over the years. Slowly at first, but as the number show Syrian immigration to the US has grown over the years. Slowly at first, but with a sharp increase over the past two years. The increase may stop, as Trump looks to slow immigration in general and specifically Syrian refugees.

Which Cities and States Welcome the Most Syrian Immigrants to the US?

California, Michigan, Texas, Arizona, and Pennsylvania welcomed The most Syrian refugee so far. California let in 1,779 refugees as of October 2016. Michigan let in a close second at 1,760. Both equal about 11% of the total refugees let into the country. Texas allowed in 1190 refugees or about 8% of total refugees. Arizona let in 1052 refugees or about 7% of total refugees. Finally Pennsylvania where did 926 refugees or 6% of total refugees.

San Diego (CA), Chicago (IL), Troy (MI), Glendale (AZ), and Houston (TX) took the most Syrian refugees as cities. San Diego took in the most add 1040 refugees or 6% of the total share. Chicago took 760 refugees or 4% of the overall share. Troy took 594 refugees core 3% of the total share. Glendale took 489 refugees or about 3% of the total share. Finally, Houston took 447 refugees or about 2% of the total share.

Do Refugees Have to Go to Court Once They’re Here to Prove They’re Legitimate War Refugees?

It all depends on the person’s immigration status. If the person goes through the refugee resettlement process then no. All refugees that go through the process go through extensive vetting. Once they make it through the process, they’re OK. A person could, however, be in the US on a different visa like a student visa, or a temporary work visa. In this case, the person needs to apply for asylum. A person may also apply if they’re in the US illegally.

How Does the Process Work?

A person can apply for asylum if they’re already in the US and are unable or willing to return home for extreme reasons. These reasons include fear of persecution based on race, religion, nationality, political views, or social group. The person must show that the government of their home country is part of the persecution or can’t stop the private actor.

Typically a person needs to file an asylum application within one year of arriving in the US. The person can I ask for asylum after the one-year deadline if things have changed in their home country, or their personal circumstances have changed. You may apply past the one-year deadline if you can show extraordinary circumstances stopped you from applying.

The person needs to gather paperwork and fill out an application. Then they must meet with an asylum officer for an interview. The person might receive asylum or get their case sent to an immigration judge. The person presents more evidence in the hearing so the judge can make a final decision.

It’s a good idea to hire an immigration lawyer if you plan on applying for asylum. The asylum application process requires a lot of important information and must be handled with care. An immigration attorney will help throughout the process including if you need to see a judge. They know the ins and out of the asylum process and can give you the best chance of receiving asylum. Learn more about what an immigration attorney can do for you here.

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