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Immigration Cuts for DACA Fix: The Whitehouse’s Plan

immigration cuts

Immigration Cuts for DACA Fix: The Whitehouse’s Plan

Immigration is not a priority for Donald Trump. So, it’s no surprise that Trump’s top immigration adviser is working on a plan to make immigration cuts. Stephen Miller is in charge of the plan, and he’s taking a hard stance against immigration. The plan makes immigration cuts in exchange for providing support for a fix to DACA. Find out what the plan and involves and how the cuts could affect immigration.

What is DACA?

DACA provides young illegal immigrants a legal way to stay in the country. Although President Obama enacted the law, Trump and his administration made it clear that they did not support it. However, the administration seems willing to allow DACA to continue if immigration cuts occur. It puts those who support immigration in a difficult position. Whatever they choose, immigrants have a lot to lose.

There are many specific requirements for DACA. However, it’s easy enough to understand. If an illegal minor meets all the requirements, they could get a two-year pass to stay in the country and be eligible for work. DACA gives them an opportunity to defer deportation, but not to obtain legal immigration status.

Getting rid of DACA could put thousands of people out of work. As far as bargaining chips go, DACA is valuable. But the immigration cuts could pose an even greater threat to immigration. Unfortunately, there’s not much time. In September, Trump announced that he would cut DACA. He told Congress that they had six months to find a legislative answer to keeping DACA.

The Plan for Immigration Cuts

The term “immigration cuts” is rather broad. However, Miller’s plan for the cuts is quite specific. His plan entails cutting down legal immigration by 50% in the next ten years. Although the cuts were previously shot down, Miller reintroduces them in exchange for a DACA fix.

It’s likely that there won’t be much support for this plan. Recently, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi negotiated with Trump on the issue of immigration. After the negotiations, it seemed as if everyone might agree on less strict terms. However, this plan shows that the battle to preserve immigration is not over. Democrats and Republicans alike are likely to object to such harsh cuts.

In the next few days, it’s likely that the Trump administration will send out more details of their plan to Congress. However, it’s impossible to know what that plan will contain. The plans aren’t finished and may change before going to Congress.

Other Possible Cuts

Miller may also include provisions to make some other major cuts. There could be a provision to include the Davis-Oliver Act. The act would give state and local law enforcement the ability to enforce immigration laws. Currently, that power is limited. The act would also allow states to make their own immigration laws. Such a law could allow them to create harsher penalties for illegal immigration.

In addition to those provisions, the government could take away an illegal immigrant’s right to stay in the country if their home country has a natural disaster. Currently, they could stay in the country temporarily if there’s a natural disaster or dangerous circumstance. Congress has 90 days to agree on a way to extend the program, or the program will expire.

Finally, there is a call to increase border security by millions of dollars. There is also demand for more beds in detention centers and more immigration judges. If it comes down to these terms, Republicans may agree to them.

What is Certain?

While no one can say for sure what the immigration cuts will be, there are a few certainties. For one, this plan shows that Trump has not softened his stance on immigration. Although it seemed that he had, this plan makes it obvious that immigration reform is once again a priority.

Another certainty is the fact that immigration legislation will change. If Congress can’t come up with a fix for DACA, Trump will cut it. In doing so, he will affect many young immigrants. And if Congress does come up with a solution, it will probably limit immigration in some way. Although the final legislation may not cut immigration as much as current rumors expect, it may cut immigration. Passing the legislation could save DACA but hurt potential legal immigrants.

Lastly, it’s certain that immigrants need help. If you find yourself concerned about deportation, you should contact a lawyer. An experienced lawyer can help you find a legal answer to your problems. Likewise, he may be able to help you if you’re facing deportation.

It’s impossible to know how Congress will react to the DACA plan. However, the future isn’t looking bright for immigrants. Both legal and illegal immigrants have a lot to worry about. Whether new legislation passes or old legislation expires, things may change quickly.

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