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deportation Read the full article 5 Ways to Prevent Deportation Mar-21-2017

Receiving a threat of deportation and removal can be a terrifying experience. It’s especially scary if you have loved ones you [...]

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trump immigration policy Read the full article 4 Ways the Law Might Change Under the Trump Immigration Policy Mar-14-2017

Deportation and the Trump Immigration Policy The controversial “Enhancing Public Safety In The Interior Of The United States” executive [...]

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how to apply for a visa Read the full article How to Apply for a Visa Feb-06-2017

The vast majority of non-citizens wanting to enter the US will need to get a visa in advance. This official document certifies that [...]

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Read the full article Bringing Your Business to the United States is Not Easy Jan-27-2017

You have spent a large part of your life building a business. Now that you plan to establish permanent residence in the United States, [...]

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Read the full article How to Get a Travel Visa Jan-25-2017

If you plan to travel abroad, you need to know how to get a travel visa. Hopefully, it will not be necessary for you to get one. But if [...]

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Read the full article Do You Need an Emergency Travel Attorney? Jan-20-2017

One of the ironic challenges facing immigrants to the United States is that while they want to earn permanent residency here, they [...]

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Read the full article Immigration Motion to Reopen : A Comprehensive Understanding Jan-13-2017

Here is a situation that is all too common: A person hoping to become a citizen of the United States carefully follows all the [...]

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Read the full article Understanding Waivers of Inadmissibility Jan-09-2017

If you are are hoping to immigrate to the United States you are probably aware of what a complicated and confusing process it can be. [...]

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Read the full article Labor Certification – Henner Law Group Dec-28-2016

Need Labor Certification? Call the Henner Law Group Today! With the changing Presidential administration, the need for all your [...]

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Read the full article Visitor Visas – Get The Assistance That You Need! Dec-19-2016

White Plains Visitor Visa Attorney Whether you are finally going to Disney World in Orlando, or finally getting to see your great uncle [...]

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