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non-immigrant visa Read the full article How Can An Attorney Help With A Non-Immigrant Visa Mar 09, 2018

Immigration is a very hot topic today, and not everyone understands precisely all of the requirements for Visas and immigration. It can [...]

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chain migration Read the full article Chain Migration: The Latest Immigration Buzzword Feb 26, 2018

Since Trump’s presidency started, there have been many changes to the US immigration policy. While some of his attempts at change [...]

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political asylum lawyer Read the full article How Can a Political Asylum Lawyer Help You? Feb 16, 2018

A political asylum lawyer can be the greatest asset a person has to receive a new life. People from around the world seek asylum in the [...]

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immigration enforcement Read the full article Immigration Enforcement Under Trump: The Alarming Statistics Feb 08, 2018

Under the Trump administration, immigration enforcement has changed greatly. Before his presidency, Trump promised to limit [...]

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immigration process Read the full article Bureaucratic Immigration Process is Trump’s New Wall Jan 29, 2018

One of Donald Trump’s campaign promises was to build a wall to keep immigration from Mexico to a minimum. However, that promise [...]

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immigration lottery Read the full article Immigration Lottery Vs. Merit-Based Immigration Jan 18, 2018

Immigration Lottery Vs. Merit-Based Immigration The immigration lottery is a hot topic after all of the talk about a new immigration [...]

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family sponsorships Read the full article How Do Family Sponsorships Work? Jan 09, 2018

If you want to immigrate to the US, then there are a few ways that you can do that. For some individuals, family sponsorships are the [...]

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Asian naturalization statistics Read the full article Asian Naturalization Statistics Dec 27, 2017

The US is a country made up of many individuals from other countries. While some of those individuals are only there temporarily, [...]

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