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How Can An Attorney Help With A Non-Immigrant Visa

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How Can An Attorney Help With A Non-Immigrant Visa

Immigration is a very hot topic today, and not everyone understands precisely all of the requirements for Visas and immigration. It can be a very complex topic even for those that handle these types of cases often. This complexity is because it’s essential for the safety and security of the country. That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to be able to visit, work, or learn in the United States. Learn more about what a non-immigrant visa is, and how someone looking to come to the United States can go through the process to receive one.

What Is a Non-Immigrant Visa?

A non-immigrant visa is a temporary visa. It serves the purpose of allowing someone to come to the United States for a short stay. This visa is a different visa than what someone would need to come permanently to the United States. Some of the reasons why a person would need a non-immigrant visa are to take a pleasure trip, a medical procedure, take classes, or be on a business trip.

A non-immigrant visa is given to a person for a specific purpose and duration. That means that they can only come here for the reason on the visa. For instance, a student visa is only good for the person to take classes and they cannot work during their stay. It also means that the person cannot stay longer than the duration given. Overstaying the visa’s period means that they are here illegally, and this can result in legal charges and deportation.

How Does It Differ From an Immigration Visa?

The critical difference between a non-immigrant visa and immigrant visa is the purpose. A non-immigrant visa holder will go home to their country of origin after their visit. This visa is a temporary way to stay in the country for a short time. An immigrant visa is for someone who wishes to make their home in the United States. This visa is a permanent way to stay in the country.

What Is the Process to Receive a Non-Immigrant Visa?

The process to get a non-immigrant visa can be lengthy. These visas are issued in your home country by the United States embassy or consulate. You may find that they only give out a specific number a year, so this can limit your options. The process requires you to fill out the proper forms and supply the right documentation.

You must be able to demonstrate that you’ll want to return home to your country once your visa is expired, so this requires you to show that you have strong ties to your country. In addition, you’ll have to show that you’re able to support yourself financially while visiting the United States. This step can require you to provide financial documents attesting to this fact.

Also, you’ll have to demonstrate that you have the qualifications that are required for your visa type. This step means that if you’re applying for a student visa, you have to have a school that you’ll be attending. If you’re asking for a work visa, you have to be able to demonstrate that you can do the job that you were hired for in the United States.

How Can an Attorney Assist in This Process?

An attorney can be very helpful going through the process of getting a non-immigrant visa. There’s a lot of red tape surrounding this method because it seeks to keep out people that can be harmful. This process can also make it difficult for good people, too. Legal representation can be beneficial because they can guide you through making the right steps in the process. Not filling out your forms correctly or making other mistakes can result in delaying or getting a denial. An attorney can help you avoid those issues.

An attorney can be helpful in not only making the process easier, but they can help later down the road. You may be a student that wants to work while going to school, so you’ll need to have a status change. You may have had a medical procedure, and need to stay longer, and this will require you to extend your duration. There are several different reasons why you may find the need to make a change to your non-immigrant visa status. These changes to your non-immigrant visa can be helped by getting someone experienced in handling them to help you get the best possible outcome.

The United States is a beautiful place to visit, work, and learn. Do you need help with a non-immigrant visa? Contact the Henner Law Group to learn how we can help you with your visa needs. Let’s go over your situation to help you get through the non-immigrant visa application process or any status changes you may need after you’ve arrived. Get experience on your side to help make your journey to the US more pleasant and welcoming.

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