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How To Renew Your Green Card

Renew Your Green Card

How To Renew Your Green Card

It’s important to remember that your green card must be renewed every ten years. You should start completing the renewal steps as early as possible. While the process can seem straightforward, you want to leave yourself enough time to complete the renewal process. If there are errors that need to be corrected or issues with your status, you’ll create a window of time to complete it properly before the green card expires. Below you’ll find step-by-step instructions explaining how to renew your green card. You’ll find information on how to renew your card inside of the United States and as well as if you’re currently outside of the United States.

With such hard-to-follow laws on the books, it’s imperative that you enlist the aid of a trusted attorney to help you renew your green card. And that’s where the Henner Law Group comes in with nearly two decades of experience in the field of immigration law; the Henner Law Group is pleased to help you, or your loved one, renew your green card in a quick and easy way.

When to Renew Your Green Card

If you are a permanent resident who has completed a Form I-551, your green card is valid for ten years. You are eligible to start the renewal process within six months of your expiration date. Remember that if you are a conditional resident, you must go through a different set of instructions. Conditional residents must use Form I-75 which is the Petition to Remove the Conditions on Residence. The purpose of this form is to remove the conditions set on your status. You can find instructions for this procedure on the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) website.

Applying For Green Card Renewal

The process of renewing your green card seems pretty simple on the surface, but requires a lot of attention to detail:

  1. First, in order to renew your green card, you must file form I-90, either online or by mail.
  2. Second, in order to renew your green card, you must periodically check on the status of your application, bearing in mind that it will not be available for you to check on for at least three (3) business days.

While this two-step process seems easy enough, there are other things to keep in mind when you are getting ready to renew your card.

Renewing Your Green Card if You’re Outside of the United States

Renewing your green card outside of the United States is not very different from completing from within the United States. You’ll still need to fill out Form I-90. You’ll still need to complete it within six months of your ten-year expiration date. The only factor that makes this procedure different is that you must determine your return date to the United States. For instance, if you are outside of the United States, but you plan on returning to the U.S. within one year of your departure, you can follow the instructions to renew your green card and fill out Form I-90. If your card has expired while you were outside of the United States, you should wait to fill out Form I-90. Instead, it’s recommended to go to the nearest U.S. Consulate in the country that you’re currently residing. You can also go to the nearest U.S. port of entry. For specific instructions on how to renew your expired card while you’re outside of the United States, don’t hesitate to reach out to your immigration lawyer or the USCIS office.

Checking Your Green Card Renewal Status

Don’t forget you can check the status of your renewal online through the USCIS website. It’s important to regularly check the status of your renewal application. If there are any issues or errors made or if your application is denied, you’ll want to know this as soon as possible. Just remember that it takes up to 72-hours for an application to be registered and appear on the website. If you’ve submitted your application and your e-file receipt number still doesn’t show up after 72-hours, contact a representative through the USCIS for further information.

Waiting On Your Green Card Renewal

While you are waiting to renew your green card, you will have a problem getting a job. Employers require you to fill out a form called the I-9, which will verify your eligibility to work in the United States, and if your green card is not renewed, you will find getting a job to be difficult.

  1. While you are waiting to renew your green card, you will not be able to leave the country and come back in. This means if there’s an emergency in your home country that requires you to go back, you either cannot go at all, or you will have to do so with the knowledge that you won’t be able to return to the United States.
  2. While you are waiting to renew, you will have difficulty buying a home (since you will not qualify for a mortgage), and you will not be able to renew your driver’s license (thus restricting your freedom).

What to Do if Your Green Card Renewal Application is Denied

If you receive notification that your green card renewal application has been denied, don’t panic. They will tell you the reasons why your application was denied. While negative decisions cannot be appealed, you do have two options. You can submit a motion to reopen the application or you can submit a motion to reconsider. A motion to reopen the application simply means that you have new details and facts that you can provide if your application status is reopened. You will have to provide evidence that satisfies their reasons for the denial. A motion to reconsider means that you believe your application was incorrectly evaluated and it should be reviewed again. This can happen if a law or immigration policy was not followed properly.

For More Information on Green Card Renewals

For more information on application denials, motions to reopen, or motions to reconsider, contact a White Plains immigration lawyer  as soon as possible. Immigration applications are often very complicated and immigration laws and procedures change constantly. It’s important to have an immigration law expert on your side when you’re completing this process. Contact an immigration lawyer today to learn more about obtaining a green card!

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