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Marriage Green Card Questions

Marriage Green Card Questions

Marriage Green Card Questions

Marriage Green Card Questions – Preparing For The Interview

The process of getting a green card is far from simple. For many people, the burdensome paperwork and interview process can often time be too much for people to handle. With the assistance of a White Plains Green Card Attorney though the process could be made much simpler. One of the fastest ways to get naturalized is to get a green card through marriage. It is important to mention though that a green card through marriage is in no way guaranteed. Because of the high amount of fraudulent claims of marriage that people try to use to get a green card part of the process used to curb the fraudulent applicants is an interview process. In this article, we are going to be covering example marriage green card questions you may be asked in your green card interview and how you should answer them.

Preparing For The Interview Questions

While it’s completely normal for couples to forget little details about past events and moments in their relationship, it is a good idea to take some time before the interview to talke about past events and relationship details that could be asked about in the interview.  Remember to gather and bring all of your original  documents that you provided copies of in your application. In addition to this, it would be a good idea to gather additional evidence of your relationship, this can include photos, tax documents, birth certificates of children born to the both of you, and joint property or insurance documents. If you’re working with a lawyer they can provide all the information you need to prepare for this interview. You could also schedule a consult with Henner Law as well.  It is possible that you could be called for two interviews. An interview together and then if there are any red flags or topics the USCIS interviewer wants to go into more detail about, you may be called back for a Stokes interview. A Stokes interview is when you and your spouse have separate interviews and your answers are compared.

Sample Marriage Green Card Questions

When it comes to the green card interview process, you will be asked a huge variety of questions. Many of these questions will be related to your spouse, but there will also questions about the process you have been through, your personal life, etc. At our office, we have been able to assist hundreds of applicants with the marriage green card process and because of that, we have compiled a list of marriage green card questions.

  1. Where were your parents born?: This question is one of the first you will likely be asked in sort of a lightning round to see if you are familiar with the information that is on your paperwork. As long as you answer the questions truthfully and honestly answered them on your paperwork you should be just fine.
  2. Explain these (immigration) forms to me?: This question is not designed to test your intimate knowledge of the legal system but to make sure you are aware of any of the forms that you have submitted. This marriage green card questions should not be an issue if the forms have been explained to you.
  3. What are your plans for today?: Another seemingly simple marriage green card question but questions like this can quickly catch you off guard. The interviewer is attempting to get an idea of your day to day life and ask more questions about it.
  4. What was the last thing you fought with your husband/wife about?: Your last fight is a marriage green card question that is used to pull back the veil on couples who overplay their love for each other. This question will help the interviewer see into your relationship and whether it is real or not.
  5. What color is your wives hair brush?: Questions like this one are used to see quickly how familiar you are with your spouse’s surroundings. The interviewer will typically ask marriage green card questions in different ways to try and trip you up. Be sure to keep calm and if you do not think you heard the question correctly ask the interviewer to ask you again.
  6. What was the occasion of this photo? What food did you have for lunch that day?: Many couples will bring pictures of time spent together to prove further that they have been together for an extended period. Often these pictures will be questioned about small details again to see if you are sure about your answers.

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It is completely understandable to be nervous in these types of interviews. After all, you are trying to secure residency for the person you love so that you can live in a situation where you will both flourish. At Henner Law, we want you to understand how serious these interviews can be and how much difference a little preparation can make in the long run. If you are having issues with or would like more information on assistance with the marriage green card process contact out office today at 914-358-5200.

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