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Do I Qualify For Political Asylum ?

Do I Qualify For Political Asylum ?

Qualify For Political Asylum – Susan B. Henner

Do I Qualify For Political Asylum?Persecution or the fear of persecution in your home country is reasons to seek political asylum in the United States.  However, qualifying for political asylum in the United States is not as easy as most people expect.  The criteria and legal process are very strict.  The help of an attorney in these matters is essential. Legal assistance is necessary if trying to qualify for political asylum, that’s why choosing the right lawyer is crucial.

Eligibility Requirements To Qualify For Political Asylum

  • Proof that you are the victim of persecution in the past or that you have a well-grounded fear of being the victim of persecution in the future.
  • The reasons for the past persecution or your fear of future persecution (as defined by the Department of Homeland Security) must be based on:
    • Race
    • Religion
    • Nationality
    • Political Opinion
    • Membership in a social group
  • The most difficult part of qualifying for political asylum is proving the connection between one of the reasons and the persecution.
  • In some cases gender may be used as a basis to qualify for political asylum. Forced marriage or female gender mutilation are examples of this.

“Well-Founded Fear”: What Is It?

To qualify for political asylum, you may have to prove a well-founded fear of persecution.  To do this, you must show both objective and subjective reasonable fear.

  • Objective fear is when you and other witnesses can offer credible, realistic testimony that any other reasonable person would see as a fear of persecution.
  • Subjective fear is when you genuinely fear the idea of being returned to your home country due to persecution that you believe will occur.

What Is The First Step To Qualify For Political Asylum?

Finding an experienced immigration attorney should be your first step to qualify for political asylum in the United States.  Not only must the political asylum application be completed, but a lengthy, detailed statement must accompany your application and any documents that the immigration court may want to see or that can accompany your application.  For more information or to begin your application for political asylum contact our office at (914) 290-5777.

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