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DAPA and DAPA Immigration Update

DAPA and DAPA Immigration Update

DAPA and DACA Immigration

The News No One Was Waiting For

On November 10th, we all got news that broke our hearts. We may not all have heard, but surely this tragedy will rock the country at its foundation. This news, of course, was that the U.S. Fifth district court has blocked our Presidents executive orders on DAPA and DACA immigration. The actions in place were intended to shield undocumented immigrants by the millions. The Presidents plan was the main core policy of DAPA and DACA Immigration in his agenda for his second term.

What is DAPA and DACA Immigration

The Deferred Action for Parents of Americans or DAPA Immigration and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA Immigration is an effort to unilaterally reshape the countries immigration system. A group of states (most notably Texas) however have decided that they do not want to play ball with the administration and are changing their state laws to combat these policies. The states felt as if they could combat DAPA and DACA Immigration because they would have to give licenses and benefits to undocumented immigrants. Something that they give already to citizens who do less for the country than hard working immigrants who just want to call America home. While the president continues to argue that his changes are within the limits of the executive branch’s power, conservative opponents continue to argue against him. One of the judges involved commented that DAPA and DACA Immigration could be resolved by the political process. Of course, we will have to see how it goes from here. All we can do now is hope that lawmakers see the error of their ways and make the right decision. It is going to take a lot of processes to have this particular Texas case reviewed before the end of the year, but I know we all hope that they can make it happen.

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